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Yogi Beach Girl aka Carole Siegel is a health professional,  yoga and meditation teacher, artist and lover of life and all things colorful, spiritual, magical, beautiful, soulful, sacred and inspiring. Whether it is health, yoga or art I thrive on the total experience and soulful expression of it all.

I receive inspiration from just the pure joy of discovery whether it is reading a great health article and sharing it with others, practicing a new yoga pose or creating a new colorful design. The joyful and  colorful excitement I feel in experiencing everything I do in my life is reflected in my art.

 I am basically a perpetual student of life! My highest goal is to share the myriad of things current in my life and inspire others to evolve and grow. Life for me has always been about “what next” with the past just there not to dwell on but to draw from my experiences and lessons learned.  I am endlessly fascinated and inspired by the many facets of life that give us the opportunities and situations that allow us to continue to learn and grow and evolve.

 I have had the joy of living a wonderful life for over 40 years  at Stone Steps in the beautiful coastal  town of Encinitas, California. I was blessed to have come here in the 70's when it was just a sleepy little beach town and yoga was just coming into the mainstream. 

Today in my life if I am not busy creating a new yoga design you will find me either doing yoga, meditating,  walking barefoot on the beach, working in my yard or spending quality time with friends and family.

I believe that life is a continuum and there are many moving parts and many paths that can lead to wholeness and the creation of a joyful life. By being fearless and embracing all of them you can achieve abundance, joy, happiness and love and create a totally amazing life, truly one worth living.