About Yogi Beach Girl


About The Artist...

Yogi Beach Girl aka Carole Siegel is a health enthusiast, health professional, yoga and meditation teacher, artist and lover of life and all things healthy, colorful, spiritual, magical, beautiful, soulful, sacred and inspiring. Whether it is health, yoga or art I thrive on the total experience and soulful expression of it all.

I receive inspiration from just the pure joy of discovery whether it is reading a great health article and sharing it with others, practicing a new yoga pose, putting together a DIY potion with essential oils or creating a new colorful design. This joyful and colorful excitement I feel in experiencing everything I do in my life is what keeps me going and is totally reflected in my art.

I am basically a perpetual student of life! My highest goal is to share the myriad of things current in my life and inspire others to evolve and grow. Life for me has always been about “what next” with the past just there not to dwell on but to draw from my experiences and lessons learned.  I am endlessly fascinated and inspired by the many facets of life that give us the opportunities and situations that allow us to continue to learn and grow and evolve.

I have had the joy of living a wonderful life for almost 40 years near Stone Steps Beach in the beautiful coastal  town of Encinitas, California. I was blessed to have come here in the 70's when it was just a sleepy little beach town and yoga was just coming into the mainstream.  When I came here I had just finished my Yoga Teacher Training in Tecate, Mexico with Indra Devi. At that time she was 70 years old and just starting to teach yoga. She lived and taught yoga until she was 104 which is a true testament to the amazing benefits of a regular yoga practice. 

Today in my life if I am not busy creating a new yoga design you will find me either doing yoga, meditating, walking barefoot on the beach, working in my garden or spending quality time with friends and family.

I believe that life is a continuum and there are many moving parts and many paths that can lead to wholeness and the creation of a joyful life. By being fearless and embracing all of them you can achieve abundance, joy, happiness and love and create a totally amazing life, truly one worth living.

About My Inspiration... 

The inspiration for Yogi Beach Girl began in March of 2016. I was turning 70 that year...yes time flies! Rather than feeling old I decided to embrace the new decade ahead of me and make it the best one ever! I had always loved art and color...it was obvious from my house and garden and  I had always wanted to be an artist. So I decided to celebrate the beginning of  a new  decade in my life by "throwing my fate to the wind" and JUST DOING IT! 

My first design was "Yogis Rule" and throughout my journey it has been through many makeovers and recently done in turquoise  but it is still my favorite. Since my favorite color is turquoise I recently decided to take the purple Yogis Rule #1 and create a Yogis Rule #2 in turquoise and peach.  It seems to be a favorite with everyone I have shared it with so I have featured it on the front page of my website. 

Following Yogis Rule I began working on the Chakra Collection which was truly a labor of love. With my passion for color each chakra was uniquely designed in bright, bold, colors. Since I believe totally in the power of words I placed the words relating to the energy of each particular chakra around it to give more energy to the design. When you are wearing each design you are not only getting the energy of the symbol but the power of the words that surround it. 

From there I fell in love with the word BELIEVE and my designs were created all around just one word....BELIEVE. This word  has always had a special meaning to me as I truly "believe" that your beliefs create your reality. So with just one word in my mind I had lots of fun creating many designs around it. 

Continuing on in the spirit of fun I began my "Bringin' Back The 60's"Collection. Since this was a time when bright, bold colorful designs were so popular, for me it was a time of pure joy and excitement in creating these designs to try to capture the feeling of the art from the 60's and 70's. It was so much fun that I look forward  to re-entering this time capsule again and  creating many more designs in the future. 

About yogibeachgirl.com...

The idea of creating an online store with my designs did not come until much later in my journey.  Since I have lived at the beach in Encinitas for many years now and yoga has been such an important part of my life it seemed only fitting that years ago I would create my gmail account as Yogi Beach Girl.  Then a few years later I continued on with it as I created my Yogi Beach Girl Health and Wellness Fan Page on Facebook. It was there as I began my journey into art that I began to showcase some of my designs. Once I decided to do an online store yogibeachgirl.com I created Yogi Beach Girl Designs on Instagram and began posting some of my designs there.  Since I am a yogi and  live at the beach Tees, sweatshirts and tank tops make up a good part of my wardrobe. So, I picked 5 casual, comfortable styles that I felt any yogi or active person, including myself, would enjoy wearing every day.  Where I will go from here with Yogi Beach Girl and my designs is totally open-ended and continuously fun and exciting!

So finally today...December 1st 2017...I am excited to announce that my online store YOGI BEACH GIRL GOES "LIVE"!! I invite you all to check it out...maybe even find a design that you love and would love to wear! Then celebrate with me and join me on my Facebook Fan Page(Yogi Beach Girl)  and Instagram(Yogi Beach Girl Designs) and Pinterest(Yogi Beach Girl) as I continue on my journey.


A BIG THANK YOU to my beautiful and talented niece...Lisa Siegel...a marketing major and creative genius and marketing whiz, who has worked with me on all of my social media marketing and photography.  Also thank you to all my friends and family who have been my biggest cheerleaders!


 A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU to Deepak Chopra for his book "The Spontaneous Fullfillment of Desire" which came into my life at the very beginning of my journey into art and gave me the courage and inspiration to make a leap of faith into the unknown. Many of the creative design ideas came forth from the regular practice of the meditations and exercises brought forth in this wonderful book. I would highly recommend it to anyone who wants to get in touch with their own divine creative energy and find the inspiration and excitement they need to begin to follow their passion. 


May you too find your passion and create a life so full of joy that you can hardly wait to share it with others! 

Peace...joy and love to you all...Carole 

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